It is a joy to be a Sussex based catering company with such a fantastic array of local food producers and this complements our commitment to a purchasing policy that is environmentally and ethically aware. We know that food production methods can have an adverse impact on the environment and the lives of the people who produce it, so we actively seek out food producers whose priority is to use sustainable methods and who share compatible ethical policies.

Ethical standards producing great food

Spoon Drip 150x600In purchasing food from local suppliers, we can achieve:

  • Low mileage foods to minimise our carbon footprint.
  • Support for the local economy and community.
  • Traceability – we know where our meat comes from.Support for high animal welfare standards.
  • Support for the protecting of natural habitats.

Our food is freshly cooked for every function so we buy in small quantities, often on a daily basis, to ensure that all ingredients purchased are of the highest standard and used without wastage. We achieve this by:

  • Sourcing local foods to maximise the quality of the foods that come into our kitchen. The fresher the foods, the more they retain their taste and nutritional value.
  • Using seasonal foods – our menus are guided through the year by seasonally available ingredients.

We are proud to be actively working to ensure that we can minimise the impact of our operation on the environment and help safeguard it. We will continue to review our policies and food suppliers and aim to have a positive effect where our business operates.